Old Horse Ranch
Bakersfield CA. 93307

This site is dedicated to all the old horses which I have owned.

This is a world made of throw aways. People seem to get rid of the old in place of new and better. Unfortunatly this applies to animals. The older horse may seem to be a burden, but is actually a gift. Older horses make great companions,children mounts and babysitters for weanlings. The older horse does require more care. Twice a year dental care, and a regular deworming program. Farrier care is an absolute must. There are many supplements available for the arthritic horse. I have enjoyed many rides with my older horse. I did not need to worry about boogymen or spooks. I have taught friends, neices and nephews and great neices and nephews how to ride on my old horses. I currently have three old horses. One age 18, 25, and 35. They are all happy, sound, and still take new horse people for a nice enjoyable ride. They may be a little slow, but they are dependable and safe. Before you take your old horse to sale, remember the good times, and that this horse has served well, and be sure that the last years of his or her life, are rewarded. I have listed some web pages for reference for horse care.

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Updated 12/12/16